Hello all, I just wanted to pop in and say what a great place you have. I really think I'm going to enjoy it here! grin


Welcome to posting on the site. I see you have been lurking for about 3 weeks. Hope you spent a lot of that time reading.

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You'll find us to be a friendly bunch, and before you know it, you'll be answering questions and creating POI files yourself!

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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site preembargo.Browse around lots of pois to download.

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Welcome - you will love it

Welcome - you will love it here!

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I look forward to what you have to offer!
Take some & leave some.

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Welcome to the site.

You will enjoy the invaluable information found on this site.

Fun Site

Hi - I'm new too and have been enjoying this site. Getting ready for a road trip to Colorado so am investigating different POIs that might come in handy. Still learning about all this stuff but with a great site like this it should be easier. But since I'll be gone 4wks I guess I won't be able to be an active member?!? Thanks to all who have given me pointers.

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Thank you all for the warm

Thank you all for the warm welcome. smile

It truly is a great place!

Howdy and we all were new to the site at one time and were looking for info on our handy gadgets. Good luck



Welcome aboard! Enjoy the site

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Enjoy your stay! smile


Always welcome new people.

Always welcome new people. Thank you for joining us.