My Two Cents on my new Magellan 4350


I have had my 4350 over a week now... I do like the unit... but quiet frankly I still like my Garmin Nuvi's better. From an ease of use and general functionality standpoint I think Garmin is still a head of the game. Now having said that I still like the 4350.

Some noted things missing (and Magellan experts please pipe in if these are there and I am just missing them):

Does not show current speed or speed limit (only if you are speeding and have the notification set)

Setting or saving a current location (I actually have an email into Magellan on this one... for some reason I think this is an option but mine isn't working. It works fine if I want to set it for "one button access" but not for adding to general address book)

I am not a real fan of having a unit connected to an outside entity, i.e., AAA. If I had AAA or was interested in getting AAA it might be different. I would like the ability to turn that off.

And of course, map updates. I will just mention it because I think that has been beat to death.

The positive side... I do like the user interface and I do like the accurate readings. It seems to be pretty dead on in that department... more so than my Nuvi's.

I will also say the 4350 seems a little faster than my Nuvi's. I have not run a side by side test... but it is quick.

I have also read in several user forums and reviews where Magellan isn't real good about taking user suggestions. That is a shame... with a few tweaks and simple additions this would be a potential Garmin killer.

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Things I found strange

On a previous Roadmate I owned briefly before switching to a Garmin, what I found strange was the two different voices. One voice would say something like "In two hundred yards, turn left on" then a different voice would say "West Kemper Road". Also, I found the chime at an upcoming turn to be rather irritating and could not turn it off.

My niece uses a Magellan. We were recently with her on a road trip from Cincinnati to Columbus and came to appreciate the Magellan just as much for its accuracy and speed.

There are differences between the brands - and that's a good thing. For what it's worth, the Magellan Roadmate seemed very capable and ticks all the right boxes for some peope. I just prefer my Garmin.

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Not "connected" to AAA

Ronnie1055 wrote:

I am not a real fan of having a unit connected to an outside entity, i.e., AAA.

It is not "connected" to AAA. That is just an additional set of POIs. Use them or don't; your choice. Only AAA members can "update" them though.

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