POI vs. Waypoints w/ Mapsource?


Sorry ... newbie here...

I just read CharlieG's most wonderful explaination of Custom POIs.... it will save me much time....


One thing ....

He says "I use POI's since POI's can be categorized and Favorites can’t. "

Maybe this is a new feature, but Mapsource and the Nuvi 500 seem to support 16 categories that can be named as desired.

That being the case is there much difference between favorites and Extras--> Custom POIs?

I would like the custom POI/Favorites/Waypoint icons to show up on the map as I'm driving, because if I'm only 20 miles away from the fiberglass replica of the two-headed goat you know I'll go outta my way to see it ... if I only know wink


You are limited to the

You are limited to the number of Favorites that you can have. There is no limit to number of custom pois. Favorites are tricky when trying to modify or delete. There are many posts about people having trouble understanding Favorite current.gpx files.

I would suggest using Custom POIs and zoom in to see Icons. You can try Search and Getting Started, and FAQs.

Here's one post on Favorites vs POIs:

Hope this helps.

Hawk - Nuvi 1450


Thanks Hawk!

Between the limit of 1000 waypoints and the proximity alarms of the POI I now understand .... wink