Cobra radar detectors add Redlight & Speed Cams


Saw a short bit on NBC news this morning talking about the Cobra radar detectors adding "red light camera detection". Yes, they said "detection". Even in the article below, the headline says the Cobra "sniffs out" red light and speed cams. The article text says it uses GPS technology and locations from a database, but the headline says "sniffs out". I really dislike this type of misleading advertising and press.

Cobra radar detectors add Redlight & Speed Cams

Wording is everything in advertising no doubt.
Sniffs out is a set of catch words in the detector industry.

With dedicated professional research teams working out of its Chicago world headquarters and in its European office, Cobra has succeeded in developing a systematic verification process to minimize false alerts and establish the most dependable database on the market. In North America, Cobra verifies 100 percent of the database's speed and red-light cameras and dangerous intersections by communicating directly with municipal police departments, traffic bureaus, state transportation agencies and proprietary data partners to guarantee that every single alert is accurate. Cobra also works to ensure the most comprehensive database of speed traps, accident hotspots, high-risk zones, and congestion change cameras in North America and Europe.

For those that want to read more:

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So how much is a Cobra POI

So how much is a Cobra POI subscription?

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You need a serial # of a

You need a serial # of a detector that has the feature plus your email to validate you to the page where you can purchase.

These are lifetime
XRS 9860G
XRS 9960G

These it is optional
XRS 979
XRS 999
XRS 9845
XRS 9945
XRS 9955
XRS 9990

If there is someone here that has one of those models and could find out - it would be interesting.

Kansas where I live - they only provide dangerous intersection information. I've never seen a speed camera in Kansas - tho they do put the trailer beside the road that shows your speed and then have a cop or two stop those that don't slow down when they pass it.

The dangerous intersection database would be interesting to me.

Cobra Misleading Marketing

I dislike Cobra because of their misleading marketing.

Every other Radar Detect Manufacturer advertises/detects X, K, Ka, Ku in Europe, Laser and POP(some). Cobra subdivides these bands, adds Safety Warning and touts 15 bands of detection.

To the uninformed Cobra looks like it detects more than everyone else when they are really counting standardized frequencies instead of "bands".

Escort Radar Detector

I know you guys are talking about Cobra, but I have an ESCORT Passport 9500ix radar detector. It has GPS and an extensive redlight and speed camera database. It works great. I have noticed that it includes some cameras that are not in the POI for the Garmin GPS. There was one question about price; location database subscription for the detector is $30 for 3 years.

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Hello TLR1,

According to your Passport is very well regarded. If you want GPS integrated I believe it's either the Escort 9500i, Bel GX65 or Cobra’s XRS R9G.


Hi Saab93,

Yes, the Escort 9500i does have GPS integrated in the unit, but you have to mark the location of cameras yourself (I owned one). The 9500ix uses a downloadable database that you merge with the locations that you have marked or the unit has automatically marked. It is much easier and has all of North America included in the database.

Tim - Garmin nuvi 680, 350

ESCORT Passport 9500ix $500

ESCORT Passport 9500ix $500 on thats crazy


I think I will stick with the Garmin and Valentine. Although I really want the 9500ix. I should have said Bel, Cobra and Escort offer integrated GPS. Apparently, each has multiple models with GPS.

Thanks for pointing that out about the Escort TLR1. That's an important distinction.



Yea, they are pricey, but they work really well. I have tried a couple other brands, but always go back to Escort. Seeme like the best brand. I have a few Garmins too. Tried Tom-Tom, but it did not seem to work, as well as, Garmin.


Tim - Garmin nuvi 680, 350