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Hi all, newbbie to the forum. I hope I can count on all with my new toy.......Looking forward to all addvise I can get from the forum and yes I am new to the world of gps

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Welcome to the community, put your feet up and start reading.
Start here:

Then of course If you have questions ask away. Looking forward to what input you have for us!

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Welcome to the site Roy.Have

Welcome to the site Roy.Have fun.Lots of custom pois to download and lots of members if you need any help.

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remember to have fun lol

remember to have fun lol

welcome aboardhave fun

welcome aboard

have fun here

much to learn here


Welcome to a great site, lotsa info here.



glad to have you aboard. grin

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It is a great site - you

It is a great site - you will be hooked soon!

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Hi There

Welcome to a terrific site. You will have a windmill in no time.

Wanted -Woman with GPS -send picture of GPS

Welcome to the site!!!

You will enjoy this site and find that it is a great source for GPS information.

Welcome aboard.....

and you will surely find a lot of useful info here.

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Welcome to the best poi website there is..

Welcome! This is just a

Welcome! This is just a great website and great bunch of people to hang with. You can't go wrong here.

Hi Roy, finding, utilizing

Hi Roy,
finding, utilizing and sharing with poi-factory will bring huge returns on your GPS investment. Welcome aboard!


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Welcome. Take any help you need. Leave any help you can give.


Hey Roy, welcome to the site! If you're anything like just about everyone else here your family will wonder just what it is that your looking at on-line all night and all day!

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to the site Ray!

Couldn't help but notice the Harley in your signature. Just wondered if you run your 260W with the bike?

We use our Garmin 260 in a tank bag and it works great....even on rough Alaska highways smile

Enjoy all the great info on this site. Some really smart members with great tips for any problems you might have.

Welcome to your new online

Welcome to your new online family:)

Miss POI


Enjoy the site

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