Tagged forum topic for submission of "Additions, changes and deletions of POI's"


There are guidelines in place for downloading a file, making corrections, additions and/or deletions, then resubmitting the file which will go through a scrub and check for cleanliness before being released to the public. There are also guidelines in place to contact the maintainer of a file if changes are necessary to a given file. The dilemma I am having is that it is difficult to determine who maintains many of the files (if anyone) and it appears that to simply throw a new, deleted or modified POI out in the forums, it will (all too often) wind up in Miss POI’s lap. I would have submitted many more, but I think this lady is not only overworked but severely underpaid. I am sure that the file maintainers are also pressed for time. I also think that there would be more involvement by users of the files if the procedures were a little simpler. I would like to submit the following recommendation which may be discarded, modified or used at the discretion of the POI Factory staff.

1. Create one tagged forum topic entitled “Additions, deletions or modifications”.
2. Anyone desiring to make a change to an existing file whether it be an addition, deletion or modification would post an entry using the name of the file as the subject (i.e. Dunkin Donuts, Shell gas stations, etc.) under this one topic.
3. File maintainers would only have to do a quick perusal of this topic to determine if they have input. They should also have the ability to delete the comment as soon as they have taken action on it (or at the very least, be able to reply to only that comment so that everyone can take note).
4. If after 7 days (14 days, one month, two months?) no one has taken action on the comment (as in no official file maintainer), then the POI Factory admin would act on it.
5. Deletion of the comment may or may not be feasible, but I think the file should be kept clean in the sense that only comments concerning file modifications would be all that is in it.

EXAMPLE: (Only one for sake of brevity. It is also legitimate, but I think the address needs modifying because it should be Newton, AL 36352 vice Dothan, AL 36301. Requires further research at any rate.)

Subject: Drive-in Theaters
Name: Continental Drive-in Theater
Address: 14200 US Highway 84 W, Dothan, AL 36301
Lat/Lon: 31.242406,-85.623275
Telephone: (334) 692-3890
Additional information: 4 screens each with their own unique name (i.e. The Starlight, The Skyview, The Dixieland and The Goober). 800 car capacity, FM stereo, open all year with 8 shows nightly. Opened in 2005.

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Part of what a General

Part of what a General Maintainer will have access to in the future is this type of idea.

Each file will have an area where corrections can be posted. These will be flagged and General Maintainers will be able to go in and make the changes.

Thanks for your post, I really appreciate your point of view.

Right now things are a bit crazy, we will be improving the system soon.

This week Jon is working on updating the whole web platform to the new Drupal upgrade that we need to be running on.
He has a huge job ahead of himself, the site will be getting a face lift and new exciting elements added.

I will be posting about a new tool that we have been playing with for the last few weeks.

Miss POI

Just can't wait to see what

Just can't wait to see what the "New Tool" is that Miss POI is referring to. Hope it's something we could all use.

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and the anticipation

and the anticipation builds.

Miss POI

Thanks for the reply.

Can I say that great minds think alike. mrgreen

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There are some that believe that "CHANGE" is good. Bring it on.


The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin'.

Good Idea!

I'm new to the POI factory, but have already downloaded and installed several poi files. I already have a list of updates for several of them.

With the economy the way it is, several reputable franchises in my area have up and closed. This includes a Ford Dealership, a Chevy Dealership, an Arby's, to name just a few.

Sad, but no sense pointing someone to a place that no longer exists.

Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site johnc66.If you have locations that are a part of the internal pois that came with your unit you can report the errors to Garmin at http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/errorForm.html .Files on this site just click the contact button for the author of the file and send them the changes too.If no one is listed just email Miss Poi.

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