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MSN Direct Weather & Where am I? Trick


Not sure if anyone one is interested but today when I was messing around with my Nuvi 785T I figured out a cool trick. If you have the MSN Direct on your GPS when you click the menu button on the Top in the Middle it shows the Current Outside Temp. If you push the Temp it will bring you directly to the Forecast. It saves you from having to go to Menu> Where To> MSN Direct> Weather> Forecast.

Also if you push you vehicle icon on the map it brings you directly to the Where am I? Screen.

MSN Weather

I just purchased the 885T and it has the temp automatically dispayed and the wonderful thing is the voice activated commands; It's like a child who does everything you tell it to do without saying "Aw Dad, do I have to?"

Being ALL I can be for HIM! Jesus. Kenwood DNX9980HD Garmin 885t

That's cool, thanks-

That's cool, thanks-

nightrider --Nuvi's 660 & 680--

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