Where can you find a list of Bluetooth phones....


.... supported by Nuvi's?? I have a Nuvi 760 & just got an LG Rumor. Having trouble trying to pair them.

Maybe here

happybooker1 wrote:

.... supported by Nuvi's?? I have a Nuvi 760 & just got an LG Rumor. Having trouble trying to pair them.

I say "maybe" because I've read that Garmin doesn't update the list as often as it could.


A CNET editor has posted a method for a different pair, but it's interesting to note him saying that the method proposed in the manual didn't work while this method did. Maybe this'll work for you, too. Good luck:

By Morty Okin, CNET Editor

I had a heck of a time syncing my Palm Treo 650's phone book with the Garmin Zumo 550, but finally figured it out. If you have a Treo 650, this will be a must-read if you want to properly sync your phone book. The directions in the user manual do not work with this phone.
First, make sure Palm Treo 650 and Garmin Zumo 550 are paired and trusted devices (but NOT connected). You also need to go to Contacts on the Treo and have it set to All.
Have your Palm Treo 650 set and ready to "Send category."
Power off the Garmin Zumo 550 if it is on already.
Power Zumo on.
Wait for the "agree" message to come up on the Zumo and then hit OK on the Treo, and tap Agree on the Zumo.
The Treo will say "Connecting to Zumo" (or whatever your friendly name for it is).
The Treo will then say "Sending all to Zumo." This will take a minute or so depending how big your contact list is.
The Treo will say "Disconnecting" after the sync is complete.
Power off the Zumo.
Wait a few seconds.
Power on the Zumo.
Wait for the "Bluetooth device is connected" message.
Tap the Phone icon on the Treo.
Wait for phone book to show up.
All contacts should be synced along with last dialed, missed calls, and recently dialed numbers.

It worked like a charm every time this way. It did not work with the Zumo already powered up and both devices connected.

LG Phone

I successfully paired my LG VX8360 to my Garmin 265WT -- everything was copied over without any issues. The pairing took longer than expected, since my attached neighbor had her iMac BT on discover mode @ full power.