Editing phone directory on 780


I downloaded my phone directory via bluetooth onto my Garmin 780. When I looked at it the names are fliped around,and are listed last name first (rather than the way they are on my phone last name last) and many of the names are trunkated.
I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to edit the Garmin information? I looked for an edit key but none exists, nor is there a way to delete information.

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No Way

There isn’t any way to ‘edit’ the 780. It gets its info from your cell phone. The only editing would be on your cell phone. I’m just looking at mine now and the listings are alphabetical. Maybe depending on how much you have, or what type of cell phone you’re using may cause the truncated listings. My listings are shown by first name, not last. Possibly that could be changed, but it has to be changed on the phone. You may try pairing them again, after restarting your cell phone. Cell phones are like computers in a way, and it’s a good idea to restart the cell phone at least once a week. Hope this helps a little. Also, there is no way to delete the information. It’s deleted when you disconnect your cell phone. The Nuvi doesn’t store it, only reads it from the cell when connected.

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Reloaded every time

My understanding (at least on my 770) is that the phone directory is downloaded from the phone by the Garmin every time it reconnects with the phone. So you would need to edit the information on the phone to make changes.
Now for the first/last name listing, I don't know of anyway to change the preference on the Garmin. You may be able to change this on the phone though (depending on the phone) to get consistent listing between the two units -- but then, it may not be the one you like, twice!.