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Some cities are refusing to comply with a new Georgia law mandating a one-second increase in the duration of the yellow warning period at intersections equipped with red light cameras. At least seven cities that made the required timing increase in January experienced an immediate 80 percent decrease in the number of violations. Of these, Duluth, Lilburn, Norcross, Snellville and Suwanee put the brakes on their red light camera programs after the data made it clear that the programs would no longer make money.

Once again, the local governments make it obvious that the cameras have to do with revenue and have nothing to do with safety or even law enforcement. rolleyes

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Just what we need, more cameras!

Its time to throw some dirt or mud on my tag to make it not clearly readable and also to start wearing a disguise!!! Maybe I can find one of those Muppet Dummies to put in the passenger seat. Money is the driving factor, not safety.

Your not really suprised are you?

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How about this:


just the beginning, you know what you have to do on election day, Right?

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All local governments

The economy is down and politicians are looking for those who can pay for the lack of revenue and who can pay to drive is the target.

Now speed and red light cams are the collection agents for the state, local and private companies to fleece the drivers.
The local governments are bringing down the time yellow lights are on to get more tickets, so if you get an accident in on of the intersections you may look at making the local government countable because they are putting revenue first and safety a distant second.

Gps! ask where to go and get there! Best of all, what we need is to have accurate pois to reach all destinations

You gotta love this part of

You gotta love this part of the article...


North Carolina saw a similar reaction in 2007 when the state supreme court upheld a decision directing all of the profit in red light camera programs out of city general funds and into the state school system (read final opinion). Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greenville, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh and Rocky Mount shut down their red light camera programs in the wake of the court's action.

"If I can't line my pockets with regular raises to my salary, then we don't need cameras", is what I'm sure those politicians thought.

Fleeceing drivers

That is true, politicians are after the easy money, and companies are after those contracts that collect good money with the help of city Councilors all over North America.

Cities should stop hiding those golden contracts they are signing with those companies that managed the red lights and speed cams.

If those companies are taking at least 50% of the profits, where are the safety concern for them.
To catch more drivers, companies lower the time the yellow light is on.

Gps! ask where to go and get there! Best of all, what we need is to have accurate pois to reach all destinations