Another reason to always have a smile on your mug.


A local lawmaker in suburban Cleveland is apologizing for e-mailing colleagues a sexually explicit photo in a joke about traffic camera pictures.

Longtime Garfield Heights City Councilman Joseph Suster says he e-mailed his regrets to other council members on Tuesday. He also says last week's e-mail, about images that might be captured by traffic enforcement cameras, was not connected to an upcoming council vote about red-light and speeder cameras.

One colleague has complained the e-mail was inappropriate and offensive behavior for an elected official. Councilwoman Debora Sarnoski says since the first e-mail was "X-rated," she's wary about opening the apology.

I personal think Councilwoman Debora Sarnoski, must be a media whore, it was a Joke. Just a joke.

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Must be an election year

One has to wonder how the media finds out about these stories. In the video it stated that the email was addressed to council. So one can conclude that someone on council called the news. If it was me I wouldn't call the media it makes the entire council and city look bad. If I was the sender I would have said I was sorry I forwarded the joke to people with no sense of humor.