downloading to sd card or gps drive.


after downloading poi to files on ones computer-- the next step is to load it into the gps unit or a sd card in the unit. my question is:: do i buy a card and keep the info on it and insert the card when i want to use the infor or do i load it to the hard drive on the gps unit? i have concerns about capacity of the nuvi 660 and just how much i can loat it up with.


SD or Internal Memory

If you just want to experiment, using a SD card is a safe and easy way to get started.

POIs take very little memory, so even an old 64MB or 128MB card should work fine. If you're buying a new card, I'd recommend a 1GB or larger so you also have room to play around with music and pictures (which are also supported on nuvi models).

RFB (ROBERT F. BREUNING) did some tests with his c530 and found the POIs worked faster when they were loaded into the GPS rather than SD card. You can read more in this discussion topic.