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Hello...I am Old Dood and I am a new dood to the GPS world and this site. I am really into gadgets and this little Nuvi 350 is pretty sweet. I am a married guy with two kids and I travel to work about 150 miles a day. I have been waiting for a small pocket sized fairly priced GPS unit for sometime now. This Nuvi 350 is really pretty neat. Personally I would have loved the 660 but just too pricy at this time.

I am not to "up" on how to add POI files and such but I suppose I will learn the old fashion way..."Trial & Error". hehe!

I just read a thread where someone wants to see a National Cop/speed trap POI made. This is a great idea. Yes, the police move around but they do have their favorite little nooks & crannys they like to sit in.

Anyways...good to meet you all.

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Welcome aboard Old Dood

It sounds like you will have good use for your GPS. If you take a quick look at the FAQ's, you should be up and running with a lot of trial and little error in no time. I'm sure you will enjoy this site....some of us check it frequently, even before email.
If there is anything we can help you with, this site is very friendly and I'm sure the answer is just waiting.

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Welcome dood.... I've had a

Welcome dood.... I've had a Nuvi 350 for about a year, so if you need to know anything that you can't find in the users manual, be sure to hollar. This is a great site, and once you get a feel for the POIs, you'll be downloading them like a pro.

Cheers....... Joel

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welcome to the neatest site

welcome to the neatest site on the internet. it wont be long and ull be hooked on ur gps. if u need help just ask.


Hi Dood

This is a wonderful site. Lots of friendly people, willing to help and share their knowledge.

I wasn't familar with POIs either. But with all the information and Help available here, I was able to. There is a good section on POIs you can browse thru.

Good GPSing.

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Welcome! If you stick around


If you stick around and read the threads and FAQS here, you'll pick on the ins and outs. And if you get stuck, just ask questions, and the great folks here will eagerly help you.


Hi Dood and Welcome.

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