Contributors of the Week 2007-03-12


This week we are recognizing Mahoney and mkahn.

Mahoney has been doing a great job capturing all of those lighthouse locations.

mkahn you are loyal and very helpful member of our Poi factory team, I can't express how much we enjoy having you here.

I wanted to share some numbers with you this week..

This week we had 22 different people submitting POI Files and I got 29 emails reporting red light camera locations.

I have been letting my red light camera emails sit unread lately so that I can take a few hours on Tuesday to really focus on them and answer everyone. So if you sent me an email last week and I have not responded yet, you will hear from me tomorrow;)

Another great week guys, thanks for all that you do.

Miss Poi

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Thanks again, Miss POI

I appreciate the honor. May I suggest consideration of another badge for something like "Regular Contributor". The purpose would be to make room for some of the newer contributors to obtain the "Contributor of the Week" as those with this new badge would no longer be eligible. You could set up some rules such as 1. Received "contributor of the week" once and 2. continues to contribute at least x times in the last month.

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Congrats, mkahn and

Congrats, mkahn and mahoney!!!!

Thanks for making this place special.

I second that..

I second that..

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