Of interest to MS Streets and Trips users.


I have been participating in some discussions on another GPS related site, and have found one ongoing discussion and started a new discussion that may be of interest to the users of Microsoft Street's and Trips (S&T) on laptops while driving and the users and participants of this site.

The first discussion is on Mr. Marvin Hlavac's S&T Keys Hotkey software for S&T, which allows you to perform difficult tasks in S&T while driving easily. The program is also available for free and can be found here in his discussion thread...


The second discussion, which resulted from my desire to be able to control S&T with spoken commands, started in Mr. Hlavac's thread, involves the use of S&T Keys complemented by another program called Audiomatic (not free but cheap) to create and execute voice commands can be found here...


I hope you find them interesting and useful.

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