How do you tell a redlight camera from speed camera?


of course if it is not next to a traffic light, it is a speed camera but they can put speed cameras near intersections, then how can you tell them apart?

You can't...

As far as I know, you really can't tell the difference. However, since I'm no expert, I am perfectly willing to be proven wrong. But, I think if there is a camera at an intersection, you would just have to know whether or not it is also set up to clock your speed. Most of them have that capability with very few additions and tweaks, from what I understand.

How do you tell?

Many red light cameras are doing double duty as a speed camera as well. Perhaps the best way would take some effort. Try monitoring the intersection and see if the camera flashes when the light is green. That would be a big clue. Of course you could always test it yourself and drive through the intersection doing at least 15 over and see what happens.

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in my town they use the

in my town they use the exact same hardware for speed & red light cameras. only diff is what is legal here.. illegal to have speed cameras any place except school zones.

Buried Sensors

These POI files are vital to beating this scam.

They are burying sensors in the road so that radar detectors are ineffective. One camera takes pictures for red light and speeding violations.

In Lafayette, LA a sensor calibration document presented in a hearing to appeal a citation reported cracks and out-of-range electronic readings.

The sensor report was ignored and the citation upheld. I want a Garmin update that will avoid these intersections!

Beware if you visit Lafayette, Louisiana! They have photo radar vans also. The traffic engineering department oversees the hearings in their homemade court. The car belonging to the head of the department was photographed with a radar detector clearly visible!

Do you have to drive below the speed limit to avoid a citation when the sensors are defective? Apparently you do.

Telling a Red Light Camera from a Speed Camera

Simple... A red light camera gets you a ticket for running the red light. A speed camera gets you a ticket for speeding.

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I noticed one a road in

I noticed one a road in Longmont, CO and got the coordinates for it. But after looking at how to report one, I am thinking it may be a traffic camera based on the pictures you provided. It is sure visible and makes you think it is a red light camera. I have not ran it so I don't know what it is for sure.
Maybe I should go run it and see it takes a picture first? I am always there in a rental car so they might not get me.

It will catch up with you

tfbaker wrote:

I am always there in a rental car so they might not get me.

The rental agency will get the violation, and they will check their records and charge you for it. If you paid for the rental with a credit card, you will likely see it added to your statement.

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Speed & Red light cams

The red light cams and speed cams are in the same box in Calgary, Ab. We have 14 of them right now. They will be moving them around so you will not know where they are.

Lead-footed Calgary drivers are showing no signs of slowing down.

During last month's trial period of new speed-on-green cameras, the Calgary Police Service mailed more than 700 warnings to drivers caught racing through just two city intersections.

It gets worse--on aver-age, drivers were caught going 24 km/h over the posted 50 km/h speed limit.

But starting April 1st.2009, motorists will start paying for blasting through green or yellow lights.

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I don't think you can tell the difference anymore at the rate that technology miniaturization is accelerating. If you do an image search on Google for "traffic speed cameras" they all look like red-light cameras because they're all enclosed in something so you can't see what's inside it.

The red light cameras in my area look like the following image and look like light posts from afar.

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How do you tell the difference

Some red lights are combined with speed cams.

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Falcao wrote:

Some red lights are combined with speed cams.

Yes.. Where I live, all the red light cameras function as speed cameras too. If you're speeding and the light is green, you get a ticket. If you speed through a red light, you get two tickets.

We also have dedicated speed cameras.. They're installed in plain vans and SUV's. They move around throughout the day. They sit in school zones and construction zones.