help choosing GPS device


I'm a late adopter of the GPS technology. I bought a Garmin 260W from costco last week for $169.99 without enough research. The nuvi 750 is for 199.99 on

The device is great and seems to be functioning as it is supposed to.

Given all deals and models out there, I'm not sure that I bought the right one. For me,
TTS: Must have
wide screen: must have
smart interface: must have

I don't see myself pairing my phone to the device, nor using the traffic feature either.

did i pay too much for that particular model? can I get a better device for around the same $$$? what's the deal with the less known GPS brands, mio or Sanyo?

any advice will be appreciated.


Good choice

I think you made a good choice on a solid no frills unit. I am a Garmin fan though. because of their customer service and the ease of loading POI files. You can look around, I don't think you will find a better price either. although the prices have been falling with time.

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Magellan roadmate 1412

I recieved the magellan roadmate 1412 for my 18 birthday a few weeks ago. It seems decently fast here in ~^ ($%#+* Ohio. It has a 4.5 inch screen(give or take, I meassured it). It does have TTS. I'm not sure what smart interface is so I can't tell you if it has that. I think my mom and grandpa paid about $150 for it. Around here it seems to get around 8-13 satellites at a time.(I've never traveled with it more than 20 miles away)

Cons: Can't change voice, it is a clear female voice. Can't change the icon, it has a blue triangle icon. Doen't have the bluetooth features. Can't play music or show your pictures. Only has a plug for the charger cord/usb cord and a sd card slot(which it already holds an encrypted map card that it can't run without)

All in all, I like this unit, at least for a low to mid class unit(I think).

I think $150 to $200 is a good price for a decent unit, play around with the unit for a week or two and if you like it stick with it.

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If the unit has everything you need why aren't you happy with it? Changes in GPS's happen very rapidly the same as in cell phones, tv's, etc. You got a Garmin unit for $170 with everything you want which is very good. I think you did just fine...Quit looking and questioning yourself and you will be very happy....You will spend more in gas and time to save a few bucks.

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New Gps

I recently got a Nuvi 760 for $225.00 to add to my collection of GPS units... I find the extra features may not be worth the bother or I may never use them... The wide screen and bigger screen size however are helpful you should be ok with the 260W...