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Snorkel Bob's

Today I uploaded a file for Snorkel Bob's. Snorkel Bob's provides snorkel equipment rental and sales in Hawaii. They also provide excursions for many other Hawaiian activities such as boat trips, luaus, helicopter rides, and outdoor sports.

Thanks Panama;) I have that

Thanks Panama;) I have that linked to that page now.

Miss POI


Can't wait for this file to florish. Looks like it's gonna be fun.

Stray thoughts

I was surprised to find I had trouble getting a signal in HI. I'm fine with my GEKO 201 most areas.

I marked all the beaches and sites we wanted to visit on the Big Island before we went (geko 201 doesn't do mapping). Worked great.

Kauai and Oahu Files added

Over the past week, I have added and updated files for Oahu and Kauai for Beaches, Shopping and Attractions. I know these files are not complete, but they are what I have compiled for our travel to the islands in May.

We visited Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii in 2007, so I may work up some sights and attractions for the Big Island in the future, when I have some time to spare...

- Lance Williams
Rome, New York

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