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Don't think anyone has posted this yet.This morning going to bowling alley I heard about Google starting a free service that will ring all your phones at one time.Googled it for information and here is the link. http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/archives/200...

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Interesting Concept

This could prove useful. By the same token it can make it all that much harder to get away.

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Just one Feature

Ringing all your phones is just one of the interesting features of Google Voice.

See more detail here: ==>> https://www.google.com/voice/about

another way for us to

another way for us to give up our privacy willingly.

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Actually helps privacy

I have been using the beta for this program for over a year and it is great. I have an extra phone number which I only give out to certain people. It is this number which I can tie to other phones i.e. home and mobile. I can set it for ringing both phones or only one at certain hours. In addition, it can be set differently for different groups of people, i.e. only let family in during evening hours and others go to voice mail.

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Thanks for the info.I was

Thanks for the info.I was hoping to hear from someone who used it.Any info if you dial from a cell phone back through the Google number about using cell minutes?The idea sounds good to me with many uses.

Edit. This was the comment I seen on the web site I posted above.Unlimited calling from your cell???? To place outbound calls using your Google Voice number, you have to call your personal Google number first from your cell phone.

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Important call

This could be useful if you are waiting for an important call that you don't want to miss. Otherwise, it is just a nuisance. I do agree with the previous poster that it is a good way to keep you cell phone number private.

call forwarding

On a much smaller scale I use call forwarding through my phone company. When we are traveling I call forward the calls from my home phone to my cell phone. A very handy feature.

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