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I noticed that someone uploaded a POI called "Road Trip West", to me it was a personal POI file, with someones personal favorite locations.

Is there interest in that kind of POI file here? I myself like them, even if I only get 1 or 2 locations out of them. I create personal POI files for all my trips and would share them, but thought they were a little to specific to my own, somewhat quirky, tastes!!!

I'm sure soemone would download one, use it on a trip and be like, "What the hell is this stuff?".

So, thoughts? Maybe a seperate category for them when we upload them?


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Upload it

I don't see a problem. I would suggest that in your description you detail what is included and why.

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I Agree

I agree, except that I'd eliminate everything of a truly personal nature such as your hotel, your friend's house, etc.


I done the file On Road Trip

I done the file On Road Trip West based on travels across country from VA.Others members also post their travels to the site.I have downloaded some myself for my other trips.So you will find a interest for that type of file.

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Trip west

If you like to put your trips here at list do put POI`s that are of common value for the area you are traveling.
You can go to Google and mark points that you like,but keep it public.

When I travel some times I make two lists on of a private nature, where I stayed, where I visited family.

On the other hand I do put on the public list if I had a good meal, a good view, a good place to visit if you have time, and people can choose to take the points they want from there. A trip no matter where you go is as personalized as your self.


Gps! ask where to go and get there! Best of all, what we need is to have accurate pois to reach all destinations