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I posted this the other day with 0 responses. Has anybody used GPS'S that use voice commands do they really work. The only voice prompted device I've used was a cell phone and it was always a bit flakey. You say (call home) and you end up having to yell it 2 or 3 time for it work

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Just wondering how people find this feature.. good..bad..indifferent. I haven't used it but wanted to hear from people who have and figure out if it's a worth while feature to add to my new Garmin wish list.

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I don't own a 8xx series Nuvi, but I did play with one. My opinion is that the voice prompt feature is more of a novelty at this point. Certain actions took longer using voice prompt compared to just using the touch screen.

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I don't own a Nuvi 8XX either, but do have a Honda Navi system built in to my Civic Hybrid. It is voice activated, so I can probably speak about any voice activated system. Short answer is - don't buy one for the voice activation feature alone. Unless you are driving a VERY quiet vehicle (Ford?), road noise will hinder input to the device. As long as you are standing still, the system works very well, but if you want to make any changes while enroute, road noise will cause the system (device) to wonder what you're talking about. Also, I jumped over to the node/17075 referenced above, and couldn't find anybody (2 pages) that was happy with their Nuvi 880. I think maybe Garmin is pushing the envelope with voice activation. They need to stick with TTS and basic navigation to keep their place in the market. Just MHO, which ain't worth much.........


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not worth it.