Why is the Nuvi 885T cheaper at Amazon.com than the older Nuvi 880 model?


Greetings from Brazil!

Garmin Nuvi 885T for $499.70 x Garmin Nuvi 880 for $699.99.

What are the pros and cons of each one?




I think the only updated features of the 8x5 series is the Lane Assist/Junction View and updated user interface with the next turn arrow on the map screen (someone correct me if I'm wrong here).

A better question would be why did they discontinue the 8x0 series in six months and introduce the 8x5 series with not that much in the way of an upgrade compared to the 8x0 series. Seems as though Garmin does this discontinuation and introduction of a "new & updated" series if there are bugs/issues that they can't (or are no longer willing to) fix via firmware. Kind of sad for those 8x0 users to have their units discontinued so quickly. sad

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Amazon's prices can vary a

Amazon's prices can vary a lot, and be completely screwy at times. Currently Costco.ca is selling the 760 for $299.99, look at Amazon.ca's price wink


Thank you in advance for

Thank you in advance for your attention and patience.

Indeed, GPS prices can vary a lot. Maybe, they will soon discontinue the 885T, too. Who knows?

I am particularly interested in use it with VIB 11 or the Mixit2 (http://www.mixitproducts.com/mixit2.html).

In Brazil, Garmin users are expecting the launch of City Navigator Brazil v 5.00 in March or April. They would also announce that their products would be available first at Ford dealers as Ford Licensed Accessories and then for everyone else.

How does function the Ford and Garmin deal in practice?

Usually prices of accessories at Ford dealers here may tripple!



nuvi 88x series

Looking at a bunch of places around the web, the 885T does seem to be generally considerably cheaper right now.

The 8x5 series did add some enhancements over the 8x0 series, but is still missing some features on the lower 7x5 series line.

Maybe the retailers think that because the 8x0 series has just been discontinued that there's people that still want it and are willing to pay a higher price.

A more likely reason may be that as time progresses the technology gets less expensive, and maybe the retailers are paying less wholesale for the 885T than the 880.

You are right, grush. But I

You are right, grush.

But I like voice recognition.

Besides using microSD cards (the 7x5 uses SD cards).

Pros of the 8x5:

- voice recognition;
- battery is easier removable;
- lighter;
- more battery life;
- dual speakers;

Pros of the 7x5:

- more waypoints/favorites/locations;
- 3-D building view;
- Ecoroute.