Nuvi 265WT, should the receiver cig lighter adaptor show red?


I have a new Nuvi 265WT and I noticed that the amp light on the receiver that plugs into the cigarette lighter, always shows RED. It never turns green or yellow. I still get traffic and my 265 charges and works fine but I am concerned because I have never had a receiver the stayed red, they all have an amber or green light when functioning correctly.

If I recall I think mine

If I recall I think mine shows red as well.

Most cigarette adapters I've used only show red. So it's nothing to be concerned about, unless you're not receiving power to the GPS.

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You have the 265WT, also and

You have the 265WT, also and it shows red?


The red light shows that the 12 volt outlet has power. It would show red even if it was not connected to your GPS, but pluged in.

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Thamk you. I was worried

Thank you. I was worried because on my 680, my 765T and my 885T, they all show green.