POI by State


I am new to this .Is there a way to locate POI's by states? I found the rest areas, restaraunts etc, but if it doesn't have my state then it is really a waste of space for me. Please help if you can

If you can find a copy of

If you can find a copy of the poi verifier II it will allow you to pull pois from an individual state. The problem is I don't think you get that file anymore. Maybe some one on here can help you.

POI Verifier II was discontinued

http://showcase.netins.net/web/notchfamily - indicates the product has been discontinued. (I purchased it before it was discontinued.) A "verifier" only function is available free at that web site.


Brute Force method

You can also modify your file the brute force way.

When I want to just keep POIs within a certain area (not just a state because I have POI Verifier II to do that) I load the POI file into Excel (or equivalent) and first sort the file by longitude, delete the POIs Outside of my longitudinal area of interest, then I do the same by sorting by latitude.

In the case of Texas, if I wanted to just have Texas locations I would delete all POIs East of Long. 93.5 deg. and West of long. 106.6 deg. . Then I would delete all latitudes North of 36.5 deg.
This could have some remaining POIs in LA, OK, NM, AR & MO but 95% of them would be within Texas.
Just a brute force method !

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