Possible To Backup Entire GPS to DVD


Would this be overkill,

Backing up (copying) your GPS to a DVD as it just looks like another drive when I plug it in to my computer (E: drive). This would be in case I ever had a massive failure of the unit.

Or would it not be as simple as just copying the dvd of the entire system of the unit.

Or is the unit's software well enough protected that this would be overkill and the reset procedure will alwasy bring a unit back to life the vast majority of times if a software failure occures.


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The actual operating system files are in protected memory and can't be accessed by the user.

But you should still back up all of the files you can "see". That way if you delete something by accident you can restore the file.


Backing it up isn't a bad idea at all, like GadgetGuy said, if anything goes wrong, or you delete a critical file by accident, you'll always have a backup.

You are actually asking two

You are actually asking two different questions. Yes you can back-up to a DVD. Is it overkill - only you can decide. I have to defer to others who say they know about protected files that won't be copied- I would be sure your computer is set to see protected files, and then do the copy.

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