Garmin 760 for $219 at walmart


Walmart online sale of Garmin 760 for $219. Not quite a year ago I paid $200 for a Garmin 260 with only a few of the features the 760 has. See link

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Amazon has it today for $218.34 with free shipping

Amazon has the 760 today for $218.34 with free shipping and no tax. Last week they were selling it for under $200.

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Wow I remember last year

Wow I remember last year when I bought my wife one it was 600 - 700 at crutchfield. Thats a bargin for a great GPS unit.

Yeah, the Amazon deals

Yeah, the Amazon deals sounds a bit better since no sales tax will be due.

BTW, that's a sick price for the 760 which is a great unit.

I took my first trip with my 760 two days ago. The traffic feature is very cool. Screen brightness/legibility is excellent!

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I bought mine from Amazon 2

I bought mine from Amazon 2 weeks ago and paid $246 including shipping and no tax.

I agree, it’s a great GPS.

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I Bought on Ebay

I bought Nuvi 750 last year on Ebay
180.00 but it was refreb.