Garmin 775


I just got a Garmin NUVI 775 and have been trying to upload POI's to it with out results. I got the Garmin POI uploader from the Garmin site and it looks like it uploads the data but I can't find it on the GPS.

Is there a trick to using this software? Any suggestions?

Try this

Touch "Where to?", then the down arrow (maybe, maybe not), then "Extras", then "Custom POIs"

That's where they should be.

Once you locate your custom

Once you locate your custom pois a little trick I like to use.Touch custom pois and select one of your categories for example touch food.Now touch all categories and it will show the closest 50 combined food locations.This is nice when traveling or in areas you have not been in before.Keeps you from having to select one category at a time and gives you some selection based on locations.

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I got it, I was looking for a list of each of each of the groups but I then see each after I touch Extras, Custosts POI's (Looks like a title page) then the Custom POLs = = THEN I get a list of the POI that were uploaded..