how to use gps for red light cameras


Hi I am sorry that I have not been on the sight in a while but just wondering if any body can help me with a list of gps that I might be able to use to down load the red light cameras and how I would be able to go about it. Thank You.

Red Light Cameras

If you look at the top blue tabs, you will find one for red light cameras. Miss POI developed and maintains this POI file and it is a signature of POI Factory. There is a slight charge for downloading, however if you are a frequent contributor of the site it is free.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

In general, the Garmin Nuvi

In general, the Garmin Nuvi GPS units are the easiest in terms of loading the camera POIs. You simply use the Garmin POI loader (google for it), install the POI loader, and you'll be able to easily upload the POI files to your Garmin.

If you buy a TomTom, it's a bit more complex. If you have a TomTom unit that accepts .OV2 files, then you need to convert the POI files from here into .OV2 files via the POIEdit program (see the FAQ), and then manually copy the .OV2 (and associated .bmps) into the map folder of the TomTom.

However, I have read that certain TomTom units don't work with .Ov2 and I'm not sure what the procedure is with those units. I have a TomTom 125 and it works with the .OV2 files, but it is more complicated than the Garmin units.

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