Suggestion for new GPS owners


Forgive me if this has been discussed already, but I thought it would be a good thing to remind new GPS owners to back up their GPS before they do anything to it.

I'm a meticulous kind of guy so I take a lot of care in getting my GPS set up right. I put a screen protector on the screen immediately after I pull off the factory screen sticker, and I back up the GPS.

On the Garmin Nuvi units it's as simple as using Windows Explorer to copy all the files to your computer.

On the TomTom there are a couple ways of doing this, and I found a great link here that talks about it in more detail:

So anyway just as a suggestion maybe add to the FAQ - step #1 - back up your GPS before you do anything with it.

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Great Idea

great idea....never thought of it.....kudos


It has been discussed quite a bit here, but a good reminder and thanks for posting.

I also liked what you wrote in the topic about banning cell phones, etc.

Backing up GPS

I've also backed it up under a different folder when I've updated firmware or the maps. Does anyone know if you can simply copy the contents of a backup into the gps to revert it back to a previous state, or doesn't that work?

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Thanks for the compliment

Thanks for the compliment grush.

kcgpsfan - the copy to restore a previous state works for certain models of GPS.

For TomTom One series, it works absolutely. For Garmin I'm not positive, because I think firmware might be hidden, but I'm sure someone could correct me. But it's still a good idea to map up the Garmin contents because you can restore the maps, .xml files, etc that are critical to running the GPS.

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