Will Your Next GPS Have Free, Over-The-Air TV?


I wonder if we will see a US version of the Garmin Nuvi 900T? Actually, the Youtube clip shows that it has wifi also!






By David Lieberman, USA TODAY

Here is the URL for OMVC http://www.openmobilevideo.com/

In the Mobile DTV 101 area of OVMC it mentions five Mobile DTV receiving devices:

-Mobile Phone

-Portable Media Player

-Laptop Computer

-Navigation Device

-Automobile Bases

It doesn't even really mention stand alone portable digital televisions, which actually is interesting, although I am sure that there will be stand alone portable digital televisions. I suppose in the case of computers, it could easily be a USB device like out current USB tuners. As far as mobile phones, portable media players, and GPS devices I would imagine they would have to be built specifically with that capability. I would imagine that this could also give us the possibility of portable AM/FM/TV audio devices again, similar to the C Crane radio. Or even to have a device in the car allowing reception of TV audio while in motion. I have an Auto Talk unit in my pickup truck now that allows analog (NTSC) audio reception.

This is getting ridiculous...Watchig TV while driving?

I wonder if it will be able to use the 2 terabyte chips; or will you able to load movies on the next version of gpsr's?.. shock

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can you please post the link to the story only. We don't have permission to post the copyright article.

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Another round of buying new equipment

Just when folks have finished replacing their old TVs with HDTVs which cost 3X more and won't last near as long as the old ones we get to replace our other devices.

Many don't realize the portable TVs they use for camping/tailgating won't work once HD transmissions are the only ones sent. No way to attach a converter to a battery powered TV. Now they will just make our GPS, Cell phones, etc obsolete also.

Can someone explain how this

Can someone explain how this unit is going to get over the air tv here in the US? Who provides this service and how much does it cost per month for how many channels, etc?

I just read an article and this Nuvi is for exclusive use in Italy. Thanks

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Looks interesting. The kids will love it, not sure if its safe. We have alot of shitty drivers out there and they have enough distractions in the car allready. This will just add to it and the amount of accidents each year.

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Will Your Next GPS Have Free, Over-The-Air TV?

I am sure that Garmin will have it configured so that it cannot be viewed while in motion. Possibly it will allow TV audio while in motion, though. Our Dodge Grand Caravan has built in satellite TV/DVD player. There is a screen that can be viewed by the driver while the vehicle is in park. When the van is in reverse it switched to the backup camera. Other positions on the transmission selector allow audio only on that screen.

As I understand this, the US version will come from the existing ATSC transmitters and will be embedded in the existing 6 mHz bandwidth, thus there will be no fee to view this.

As far as making other GPS units obsolete, I guess that may be true, but such is the case of consumer electronics. On the other hand I still use my Garmin StreetPilot 2730 that I bought second hand a couple of years ago and I think it is a great unit.

I think what we have seen is a convergence in electronics. Although I own neither an iPod nor an iPhone, I am certainly aware of them and I think they are pretty neat, albeit pretty expensive for service. I can also see the attraction of all-in-one devices. Sort of an electronic Swiss Army knife, if you will. When I look at the iPhone 3G I think, "Where is the GPS?" Perhaps the next generation of iPod will add a SiRF Star III and an over the aid TV tuner. Or for that matter, since we have heard that future Garmin Nuvifones will be Android, perhaps they will add an over the air tuner!

Interesting... Yet.. A bit

Yet.. A bit too much for a "nuvi" IMHO...
(Besides..TV rots your brain.)

Just get me from A to B thank you very much. grin

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Since I can't even remember the last time I received a broadcast TV signal of any kind.

Not digital-ready, and don't care to.

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sign me up! that would be

sign me up! that would be very nice! but the problem in the us is it needs to have a digital tv tuner on it or it would be pointless soon.

Will Your Next GPS Have Free, Over-The-Air TV?

It looks like the concept of mobile DTV is moving forward in the US. There just could be a device in your future that will have it, whether it is a cell phone, GPS, laptop computer, etc.


i'd buy it..

i'd buy it.. smile

TV and the GPS

I do not think you will ever see a GPS unit, in the US, that allows you to watch movies/TV while the car is in motion.

There would be so many lawsuits coming in because someone had an accident while watching TV/Movies and driving, because we already can't talk on cell phones/text while driving without running off the road, and lawsuits are coming in because people listened to their GPS and drove over a bridge that was out, saying "My GPS told me to go this way".

I would be willing to bet the first round if anyone wants to take me up on it. smile