I have joined the ranks..


Last week, I joined the ranks of millions who are unemployed. sad The company I worked for was gracious in providing a "transitional coach". He had mentioned that and I have found out through my experiences that networking with people works!

So I am asking my fellow members, if you know of any IT/Technical Support opportunity in the Dayton, Cincinnati, or even Columbus area to please let me know. Thanks in advance for all your help. smile


I'm sorry to hear of your

I'm sorry to hear of your challenges. SoCal and Ohio both have been hit hard from what I hear. sad

Being in Denver, I can't be of much help, but I've had a halfway decent luck saturating the town with my résumés whenever this happened. I often got calls from job shops as a contractor.

The last time in 2002, though, I had to move to Washington. In the hind sight, it was the best move I've made. smile

Best of luck. smile

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Thank a bunch

Thanks for your for your help spider_elliott. I am keeping a positive mindset. It is either that or be depressed all the time. I choice to be positive. smile Thanks again.grin


You're not unemployed; just working for yourself for now ...

Get on LinkedIn.com. Post your resume, and look at similar postings like yours. Look up recruiters who have placed people with job skills similar to yours. Use the announcements (Twitter-like) text box to let the whole IT world know you are actively searching for your next opportunity. You don't have to know somebody personally to link-up with them. Getting links is kinda like collecting baseball cards. Every LION (Linked-In Open Networker) and IT recruiter who has sent you an invitation to connect just might take you out of the Minor Leagues into the Big Time Game.

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Best of luck to you

I'm not in Ohio. I just want to offer my best wishes to you. Try not to get discouraged.