Washington State Ferries SCHEDULE


Ok, I've got a GPX file with links to images in a particular subdirectory that compiles to a beautiful GPI file with POI Loader. The images are cut from the WSDOT ferry system PDF of the schedule book. I used images instead of retyping the times so that it is easier to update each quarter when they change the schedule. The locations of the points were plopped down near the terminal on a Google Map, so they might not be 100% accurate - I tended to shoot more for the loading dock than the pay coops.

Anyone interested? Should I post it?

Do I need to update the

Do I need to update the info?


nüvi 750 & 760

Different material

I've incorporated the SCHEDULE for SAILINGS as a JPEG file that can be accessed offline. This will require my file to be updated every 3 months when they change the SCHEDULE. I didn't see your file before I started the project. I may, when I have time, add that info to my file and use your coordinates.

But to reiterate, I've incorporated the following info into my file:


Mostly because I seem to always lose or forget the stupid sailing schedule.

To be clear, I have not posted this yet as I'm not sure how to do it. To get things working properly the pictures have to be in a particular place that is specified in the GPX file. I could up a GPI, but I don't know if that is allowed, it would certainly be the easiest but Garmin-centric. I don't quite know how to disseminate this.

Here's how it looks on my nuvi 760:



I really appreciate you

I really appreciate you keeping this updated!!

I use it on my Garmin Nuvi 550. I take the Seattle/Bainbridge run every other Friday evening to go pick up my daughter at Discovery Bay. I then bring her back to my ex on Sunday afternoon/evening. It makes it easy to see when the next boat leaves if we miss the one we were planning on catching.

Thanks again!!

You're welcome.

Its nice to know this is useful to others than me.