North Carolina Civil War Trails


I recently uploaded a file that shows the location of Civil War Historical markers around Morehead City. This is an incomplete subset of all possible historical markers in North Carolina, which means that it would be a "work in progress". My hope is that others would be able to add to this list (for historical markers that are near where they live).

Anyway, upon further thought, I have some questions.

1. If you have a community project where you hope that others will contribute, where should it be posted? I have it posted under "attractions" and I notice that there is an area called "projects".

2. "Attractions" seems ambiguous for a posting location. Would it be possible to have something along the lines of "Historical Battlefield Markers/Parks/Sites"? We have a lot more battlefield sites/parks/monuments than just the Civil War. What is the recommendation for where this should be posted?

3. Is there an understood "standard" of how to record GIS grid coordinates? The "best" way, I would think, is to take a reading at the actual location. I am somewhat leery of using street addresses since they tend to be "approximate". Recently we had to pick-up a package and the GPS was three blocks off!

POI Files

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC