I think I'm changing gps in future


i dotn know what to decide of new gps for semitrailer i liek this one cuz the style http://www.teletype.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product...

but this i knew long time since 2006 http://www.dieselboss.com/Travrout/pcmiler_truck_gps.htm
this one is ugly style...any one let me know if u have this kind of gps !and which one has High-sensitivity GPS receiver?...can i add the poi in this gps?

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I think I'm changing GPS in future

If it were my decision, I would go with the Garmin StreetPilot 7200
I would look here as a possible place to buy it from
The 7" screen would work pretty well in a tractor.

On the other hand, the attraction of one customized for trucking is understandable. I have looked at a couple of posts in trucking forums and it seems to be lacking a little bit: https://www.expeditersonline.com/forum/general-expediter-for...


It looks like WorldNav 5100 will not be available for a week or two yet, so I guess it is an unknown commodity so far.

I know that you can add POIs to the Garmin 7200, but I have no idea on the units you mentioned.


I think that I read that Goodyear was supposed to be coming out with a new truck based gps soon. It would allow you to input the height, width and so forth of your rig and it would route you accordingly.



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yean but garmin doesnt make

yean but garmin doesnt make it for commercial vehicles and what i mean you cant put the height, length and configured for Hazmat loads and others...now gps coming for semi-trailers,so when garmin come with that maybe i buy but i dont think he coming soon..only other brand like teletype and other.

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Teletype GPS

The Teletype trucker GPSr's have not received very good reviews on Amazon.com. I don't know about the PC Miler unit, have not seen any reviews on those. The PC Miler software has one 1-star review on epinions.com.

That would be nice if Garmin made a GPSr that had clearances, truck routes, etc., but I guess they don't see the money in it.