Navigon 8100T


Is anyone familiar with the Navigon 8100T. A buddy of mine is looking at it and think it has Garmin beat!!
I am not so sure!

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The reviews I've seen don't think a whole lot of the 8100T. The 7200T has actually done better in reviews.

Check out:


My Most Sincere Apologies!

After I watched the inauguration, I came back up and checked my email.

Someone was kind enough to let me know that one of my supposed links to a Navigon 8100T review was instead linked to a porn site.

I have no idea how that got there. I go through a lot of download sites that pop up occasional porn ads. I can only think that when I went Ctrl-C to copy that link, that instead somehow it copied the porn site.

It is corrected now.

I am happily married and not a pervert, really!

My most humble apology for the error!


When I say the link in response to my inquire about the Navigon I was a bit taken back. Not that it bothered me. Just a "Where did this come from".
Thanks for clearing the air..

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re: Taken

Thanks so much jcg4550.

I am so sorry and embarrassed. You can bet that I'll be sure to look at the links I post from now on!

I've posted the proper link to the CNet 8100T review.

Good luck in your buying decision!


Actually it is a buddy that is interested in the Navigon. I am a Garmin person..although the unit does appear interesting and has a lot of bells and whistles.
Have a great day.

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