Nuvi 660 won't read my SanDisk 2gb card


I just purchased by Nuvi 660 and pretty much have everything up and running except for the memory card. I have a SanDisk 2gb card that is formated Fat 32 and works fine in my Treo 700 and other card readers that I have. The card is also recognized by my computer when I put it in the Nuvi 66O and plug it in to the competer via the USB connection. I can copy files to it while it's in the Nuvoi 660 but when I disconnect it from the compter, the Nuvi won't read a thing on the card. I have tried mp3 files and jpeg files and am positive that I have them in correct directories. I think I've tried everything and am near the conclusion that the card reader function in the unit is defective. I also find that the blue tooth connection between my Treo 700 and the Nuvi device works, but it is very finicky. Does anyone have anything else that I can try regarding the card?

Are you loading your POI

Are you loading your POI files on the card via POI loader...?

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Isn't POI loader for csv files - Not jpeg or mp3?

Nick Jr;

Thanks for your speedy reply but I'm not sure I made myself clear. I am not working with POI files. I'm trying to see jpeg and mp3 files; pictures and songs. I did download software for the POI Loader software and tried to use it, but it seems like it's designed to work with .csv extension. I don't think that it's of any help with music and picture files. Any other ideas that I might try?

I have not personally run

I have not personally run into this type of problem but someone has told me that since the 2 gb memory cards came out (for whatever brand or format), they don't necessarily work on all devices properly. This implies that they may easily work on your other electronic devices but not on some.
When I bought a cell phone with an mp3 capability a few months ago the tech person told me not to use a memory card over 1 gb because it may or may not work.
I hope this is not what's causing your problem.

You might make sure that

You might make sure that you've created (on the card) the folders garmin, mp3, and jpeg.
Then I just drag and drop my mp3/jpg files into the appropriate folder using windows explorer and they show up when I browse in the mp3 player or look in the picture viewer on my nuvi 660.

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SD Card Problem

Have you upgraded to the newest firmware for the 660. I believe I saw one of the upgrades that dealt with SD card size.


SD card

My Nuvi 660 came with the Fodors Travel Guide on an SD card. If your unit came with this card, you can test whether the card reader on the unit is working. As for MPEG music and JPEG files, I found it much easier to connect the Nuvi via USB and simply copy these files from my PC or MAC to the Nuvi as if it were an external hard drive.

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