Florida schools POI's


Does anyone know if there is A POI file which would give names and addresses for all florida schools. My job requires that I vist schools in Florida.

Bob Richards

Yes, there is

Up at the top of the page, hit the Tab "POI Files", then 'schools/colleges' category, then down at the bottom, select "Schools', and pick the file you want - either the entire US, or the SE region that includes Florida.

You may want to tweak that file a bit once you download and unzip it - they contain entries of historical schools that no longer exist, or if they do exist, are likely not schools anymore. I modified the Midwest file to eliminate those entries. It was easy to do with Excel - just created a conditional formating for the cells that contained "historical" - and sorted the data to aggregate the cells with conditional formatting - then selected them all and deleted them.

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