Expecting my Garmin C550


Just ordered one and will get it before Friday. I have been reading manuals and websites on GPS all day!

So excited!

btw, how can I find a red light camera by eyes?


Lucky!!! I have the Garmin c330 and I'm so disappointed with it. The c550 has all the cool functions like downloading stuff, plus I hear that the voice directions signify each turn by street name (ex. turn right on main street....) mine just says "turn right" and starts yelling at you if you miss it, lol.

Anyway, about the red light cameras... Commonly the cameras will have a small sign stating that they are radar monitored cameras. But if they don't, some will just have a relatively large gray box hooked on the back extending over the top a bit where you can see the lens of the radar camera monitoring the road. AND, some don't look different at all. With those ones the radar equipment is actually placed on the side of the road out of view to catch the truly nasty speeders who keep their eyes out for such things. It all depends on what region you live in or if you live in a dense city, a "flowing" city, a town, or in a cow pasture smile The more populated the area and the more speeders that pass through,so the less the cameras tends. After all when you have more people, more people will probably speed so it doesn't really matter if they can see the camera or not. Most red light cameras will, however, have signs signifying that there is a radar detector monitoring the light, just don't always count on it cause they're tricky like that. grin Hope this helped.