How to execute POI Loader?


I have installed POI Loader and am having difficulty running the program.

After installing POI Loader from Garmin the program executes. Once the program is exited I am unable to find any reference to the program either in the C:\Program Files folder or in Start>All Programs menu. indicates the the third step to create you own POI is "start POI Loader and select your GPS device". This doesn't help me.

How do you start/run this program?

"Garmin" menu?

Have you tried looking under the "Garmin" menu under "Programs"? That's where my POI Loader is located.


Or under C:/Programs

If you don't find the Poiloader icon in the Garmin folder (where it should be) you can always go to the folder where you installed the program (probably c:program files/poimanager) and move the .exe file onto your desktop to start it.

If you're a typical tinkerer (there are many on this forum) you're probably going to find you're collecting GPS utilities for loading and creating POI files, for modifying voices, for mapping and other things. You might want to start a folder on your desktop where you can keep links to all the programs. It's a lot simpler than searching all over the start menu.

Cheers wink

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Found PoiLoader.exe

For some reason it installed on one of my external hard drives under a Garmin folder. If someone else runs into this problem the key is to search on "PoiLoader.exe". Find this file and you should find where it was installed.

Thanks John for the tip on starting a folder. I will do that.