golf course software for nuvi??


Does anyone know of any way to get the software for golf course gps's onto a regular gps(i.e. nuvi 260W)?

better off

your better off get the proper tool for the job,

The 260w is not suitable for out door use or walking or that type of software.

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Golf Course Software for Garmin

The 260 Nuvi doesn't have a way of displaying direct distance, especially in yards. It might tell you the distance to the pin via route I75 through Dayton.

However, the hand-held units, like the Garmin Etrex works great as a GPS golf mapper. And maybe the higer-end Nuvi's that have the Off-Road setting (I haven't tried them).

I have a website that has free golf maps for Garmin gps's. They can be downloaded to any of the Garmin units. There's even a web tool that allows you to draw golf maps of your favorite course.

Check it out: