Essential POIs


Being brand new to the factory and my first gps, what would you folks suggest as essential POIs for my shiny new garmin?

Boy , a tough question

It all depends on your interests !
If you do a lot of distance driving I would recommend (I'm biased) the Rest Areas Combined file.
Also the Truck Stops (plazas) files like Love's, TA,Flying J, Pilot .
A lot of people really like the Red Light Camera and Speed Cameras files.
(must be an active member or paid member to download)
Any restaurants that you actively use ! Just do a search for them with the POI file search by name.
I don't frequent Wal Marts much or Starbucks coffee but they are certainly an interest to many. Likewise Dunkin Donuts and Krispee Kreme

Download those you like by running thru the Alphabetical listing of POIs.

Downloads-a-plenty !

Have fun - you've chosen a great website to get good info !

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