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Starting off


I'm willing to help POI-ify Pittsburgh. That said, any recommendations (by other city groups or whoever) on the best way to get ideas.

Sure, I can take the Pittsburgh phone book or some such and dump the restaurant thing into a POI, although I don't see what that buys us, especially since most of the stuff would be redundant with their existing 'restaurants' list or whatever.
Most of the 'cool restaurants' are already listed in the preloaded list (Sharp Edge comes to mind...)

So... looking for good ideas to get started, but I'm not sure what to use for an initial base.


I'll try to help as well.

I uploaded a file containing restaurants that I enjoy and take people from out of town to when they visit. I know that when I travel the last thing I want to do is eat at a chain restaurant so I ask the locals where they would eat, excluding chain food. I then pick the restaurant that sounds best to me and try it out. When I compiled the list I uploaded I tried to put restaurants that are unique to this area and that I enjoy eating at.


I would like to add POI s of parks. water foutains, swimming, ice cream, etc.
I just got my garmin GPSmap so I will be using it for my hikes. Mostly South Park.

I have a few mapping programs. Seems that G7ToWin is my fav for now.

Lets keep the ball rolling???

Thanx Mel

Is this project still "live"?

Just a short note to ask if this project is still live and people are still working on it?


We are always looking for new and exciting files for our Metro areas.

Miss POI

Newbie with a nuvi ready to get started

Thanks for your prompt reply. I will begin adding things in the new year!