What GPS Did You Get For Christmas?


Thought it would be interesting to see what everyone got for the Holidays.

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Nuvi 350 entry into GPS world

I bought myself a Garmin Nuvi 350 from amazon.com on their Black Friday specials - my entry into the world of GPS. It doesn't matter to me that the 350 is an older model, possibly being obsoleted, it works perfectly well for my needs.

Now, I'm a newbie here learning how to create and install POIs. I have a few in mind, and already created and uploaded one with the 19 libraries in the Toledo (Ohio) Lucas Country public library system.

Christmas gift. Nuvi 200w

Well, I got a Nuvi 750 for fathers day and have really enjoyed it, so on Black Friday, I got my parents a Nuvi 200w.

They loved it. I put it on the British Voice of Emily....dad joked, "I already hate that bitch" after driving back from Dallas to Houston.

Ha ha ha.

Dash express and gave away a

Dash express and gave away a c580 streetpilot, I find it's interface much more intuitive

First Timer

Got the Garmin NUVI 205W. Love IT!!!

Might need another one for the wife's car. The traffic add-on is great. Cut my travel time to work by 15 minutes a day!

Recommnend Nuvi 780

I just bought the Nuvi 780 on eBay brand new with the original sales receipt for $300. Would highly recommend it.

Nuvi 780

Gave a nuvi 200 to my brother in law

I gave a new nuvi 200 to my brother in law as a Christmas gift. I have been happy with my refurbished C550. Would love to get a new nuvi 760, yet no money left now...


I bought a Garmin 760 with

I bought a Garmin 760 with the gift cards I received for Christmas.


Thanks. Am learning a lot here. Got a Nuvi 360 for Christmas--I love my in-laws!

Shawn in VA

Christmas Present to Myself...

A Garmin Nuvi 765T; a really great unit for myself, and a 265WT for my Daughter.

Nuvi 765T, Nuvi 2350LMT

Nuvi 750

The wife bought me a Nuvi 750 for a cross country drive from AZ to the Washington DC area. I have also been using it to find restaurants around the many hotels I stay at. It's quite a fun little toy.

Gave a 260W

We gave the in-laws a Nuvi 260W. Since they don't have a computer I made sure it had all the updates and ended up registering it under my Garmin account.

Nuvi 750

Bad Santa

RM_MN wrote:

Since I knew I hadn't been good, then Santa wasn't bringing me anything for Christmas

Welcome to the site!

That will show you that you need to be good, because Santa is always watching...hehe. I wasn't good this year either, because I didn't get the Blu-Ray player that I was promised.

We pass through Bemidji quite often taking Highway 2 straight from the Upper Peninsula here to Shelby, MT and then up to Alberta to see the kids.


I could only sit back and think about what I could be getting because my dear wife told me that I did not need a new GPS at this time. She told me I could just wait and get one later. Needless to say I knew there was not one there waiting for me to open. crying

One can only wish for one at this point!!!! grin

If you dont know where you're going, any road will get you there!!
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