I was sitting here this morning prepping my nuvi 765T for my Christmas holiday drive to South Carolina, creating some new custom POI's and alerts, loading some fresh mp3's on the 8GB SD card, and creating some playlists.

And I got to thinking, I wonder what else can be done with this thing, that may not have been tried yet...with the creativity of this group, I doubt that I have come up with anything new, but here goes.

My sister is a sales rep for a newspaper in South Carolina, and she is very interested in sales motivational audio. She enjoys listening to podcasts that share tips on closing, goal setting, etc.

I grabbed the coordinates of the 4 corners of her sales territory using, and I am going to attempt to create a spreadsheet of many, many points within those parameters, and then initially just choose some throughout her travels, and assign short motivational clips from some of her audios, perhaps under 15 seconds, as alerts.

Or, use to create little motivational phrases like "you are a top producer" or "your clients are looking forward to your visit".

I will probably set these up as TourGuide alerts with relatively close proximities, say 500 feet, since they are not meant to actually direct you to a location, but rather "randomly" provide motivation.

If the initial idea tests out, and shows promise, I will attempt to add true randomness to the idea through the use of macros or some sort of scripting, to keep the alerts fresh, perhaps updating them weekly.

I am not a programmer...I have the concept, not necessarily the execution. crying

Just an idea...any feedback? idea

Am I nuts? rolleyes

Any suggestions? neutral

arrow Hey, at the very least, maybe I will have prompted someone to think of some similar application/approach for their needs. cool

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Pretty cool

Sounds like a tour guide. But heck why not, it will sure get her pumped up for the next meeting or sales.

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If her sales go up after

If her sales go up after this ask for a cut.

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