Entertainment '09 restaurants Los Angeles/Long Beach POI file


I just uploaded a POI file for the restaurants, check out below link.
If anyone wants to do a similar file for a different area, I'd be happy to share how I did it. Actually quite easy, most addresses are on their web site.

POI Files

~~~~_/)~~~~ Norm, Nuvi 660

how did you insert ALL of

how did you insert ALL of those pages and pages of addresses from entertainment.com ?

browse to

browse to entertainment.com
click Buy a book
scrool down to your area & click view
next to Fine Dining, click see more

I selected the 1st restaurant name thru the last restaurant's number of miles away (on that page), then click c to copy

I opened a new notepad.exe application (win xp), pasted the text. I did the same for all entertainment pages.

Let me know if you want more info on cleaning it up to present to

I was logged onto my entertainment account, but, think it would be the same if not logged on. If you have your book, you should be logged on anyway.

~~~~_/)~~~~ Norm, Nuvi 660

I'm logged into

I'm logged into entertainment but not sure how you got the coupon number as well.