Youtube Videos Showing off POI-Factory and GPS


Redlight/Speed Buster:

Garmin on Airplane:

Garmin Road Demo:

If you find a youtube video showing off the powers of GPS or POI-Factory post them here. They give people an idea how they work and what POI-Factory can offer to them.

those are great

Those are really great, I would love to see more Tutorials on how to install POI Files using POI Loader and other helpful visual guides made by POI Factory users including a POI Factory plug.

That way we could just point to the demo video when someone gets stuck loading things.

Miss POI

That is a brilliant idea.

That is a brilliant idea. Screencasts + Picturials would be a great addition to POI-Factory, and new users. I may be able to get around to doing some in three weeks, since I have final projects and finals to finish in those three weeks.

Nuvi 260 Tutorial

Here is a basic tutorial on the Nuvi 260. It does not mention poi-factory, but its ok as a primer if you've never seen or used a GPSr before. Not as in depth as it could have been or as good as poi factory members could make themselves.

Just searching "Nuvi" returns 569 hits.

Drivesmart 66, Nuvi 2595LMT (Died), Nuvi 1490T (Died), Nuvi 260 (Died), GPSMAP 195


As a Nuvi 260 owner this was an excellent video demo.

260, 295W, 1490T,2455LMT


here is one on the nuvi 760.

ohwogo nuvi 750