BestBuy has the 760 for $199!


BestBuy has already started their 2-Day "Cyber Monday" sale going Sunday and Monday - check out these GPS units that they have.

Garmin Nuvi 760 - $199 with Free Shipping (Online deal only) -

BestBuy also has the 260W for $199!

They also have the Garmin Nuvi 260W on sale for $199.99! It is definitely a good unit.

Didn't find it

I did not see the 760, they had the nuvi 260w for $199.00.


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Didn't See It Either

dkeane wrote:

I did not see the 760, they had the nuvi 260w for $199.00.


I didn't see it either in the Cyber Monday specials. I did a search for nuvi 760 and it had a refurbished model for $260.

Costco - has 750s for $199.99. That's a pretty good deal.

Not a bad deal

When you think of it, the 750 for $199, and that no doubt includes a 2009 map free upgrade makes my current 750 unit with the 2008 map worth a little over $100.00. If the price goes any lower I will pick one up as a second unit for about the price of a 2009 map upgrade for my current unit.

Let the good times roll.

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Why no 760?

I however do not understand why they are not selling a new 760 at all. I've been following their site for weeks and the 760 has always been available (albeit not cost competitive).

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Sam's Club has the nuvi 750

Sam's Club has the nuvi 750 for $199.99 as well.