Upload Files - Finally!


The file upload tool is ready to use. This first release is pretty basic and still has a few rough edges, but more improvements are on the way.

To upload a file:

* you must be logged in
* select "Create Content" / "POI File"
* enter a title and file name
* category and description are optional
* press submit

Your file will be listed on the front page. If you have a picture for your user account, it will show next to the files you upload.

Known Issues:

The preview button doesn't work correctly. Let me know if you find any other bugs.


file uploads

Good morning Jon,
Nice work with the file upload area! Just wondering if you could get file preview to work by converting the csv file into a text file?


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How cool is the upload area???

Way cool, I'm thinkin...

Is there a way for us to see how many times the files have been downloaded?

I would love to see if folks are likin the files as much as we do.

And feel free to send me comments about that you receive from users, PLEASE!!!!

Thx, Dan'l Garmin 2689LMT with BC-30 Backup camera system, GPS Map 62s

download counter, etc

I'm planning to add a download counter and comment pages for each POI file. These are on my to-do list for next week's update.

Automatically extracting samples from the POI file is a little more complicated, but something I plan to do later in the future.


Will the download counter be

Will the download counter be retroactive from the time the file was first uploaded, or does it start when you install the counter?

If so, can ya keep a loose count of the times my Nashville file was downloaded for me?

I just wanna know how popular it really is, before I spend more time doing future updates...

Thx, Dan'l Garmin 2689LMT with BC-30 Backup camera system, GPS Map 62s


The download count will start when I get a counter installed, but I'll see if I can extract retroactive data for your file from the web logs.


Accept .CSV

It would not accept CSV in all caps. quick and small improvement



Hey JM, Great job on the

Hey JM, Great job on the website. I couldn't believe how easy it was to upload the POI files. Now if it was only that easy to make them.

Thanks again for all of your hard work.