Calibrating the Nuvi 760 Touch Screen


I've tried this procedure, out of the user's manual, and can't seem to get it to work for me. Has anybody else tried this?

"Calibrating the Screen
If the touch screen is not responding properly, calibrate the touch screen. Turn the nuvi off and then back on. Slide the power key to the right(lock). Hold your finger on the screen for about 30 seconds until the calibration screen appears. Follow the on-screen instructions."


I tried a couple of times on my 765T and didn't get it to work. Maybe I need to play around with it some more.

My manual says to hold your finger on the screen before you turn it back on, and lock the power key immediately. It also says to hold your finger on the screen for about a minute.

Let me know if you get it to work.

Calibrating the Nuvi 760 Touch Screen

Couldn't get to the calabration screen on my new 750 until I held for full 60 seconds.

finger on screen when turning on

You have to have your finger on the center of the screen when you turn it on and wait. I was able to do it with the 750.

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It worked on my 760

Tried it on my 760 and got it to work on the second try. You have to have your finger on the cemter and you have to go to the screen lock mode as fast as you can after switching on. If it gets past the "GARMIN" screen you were not fast enough. It took about 30 seconds to start the configuration.

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Garmin Lock

After I turned off Garmin Lock, I was able to calibrate the screen.
Can't seem to get it to work with lock enabled.

Nuvi 760 Screen calibration

The instructions in the manual are not correct!!! Also, you don't need to place your finger in the center. (I used my thumb since it was easier to grasp the unit while I manipulated the OFF/ON/LOCK switch with my other hand.)
The procedure is to turn off the nuvi 760, place your finger on the screen, use slight pressure, no need to crunch down here - finally slide the switch to the left to turn it ON and IMMEDIATELY go right into the LOCK position. Keep pressing on the screen all the while you are doing this. After about 30 secods or so you will see the calibration screen with a small dot in the lower left of the screen. It doesn't matter whether or not you have the Security Lock enabled since the nuvi 760 will not get that far into the boot process.
I hope that this helps.

whats the purpose of doing

whats the purpose of doing this?

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Nuvi screen recalibration

Hi all, this similar solution works on the nüvi 2xx range. But what you must do (is not the instructions in the manual) is hold your finger on the top left of the screen for ± 20 secs while turning your unit on. This will then take you into the callibration screen.
Have tried this on nüvi 200's, 205's and my 215 and it works fine on all. It might work for other units too.

what specific problem(s) does this address?

rpm4 wrote:

whats the purpose of doing this?

I realize that Garmin says you can calibrate if the screen becomes unresponsive, but would anyone care to report specifically what problems this addresses? I have chalked unresponsiveness to a slower processor inside the Garmin than is needed to keep up with screen presses. (For example, when touching the map in order to manually save a POI, it seems like it takes much longer than it should sometimes to capture the POI, as you wait for the Garmin to enter the mode to do so)

Just curious if someone had an unresponsive screen, how did the calibration mode behave, and did it actually fix the unresponsiveness? I would think that you would only need to do this calibration if, for example, trying to enter words on the keyboard was regularly causing typos...

Touchscreen Calibration

Calibration will only work if the screen is still responsive. There has been a new style toucshcreen (made by SHARP) used in the Nuvi 6xx series that fails even though there is no physical damage to the glass.

The failure is caused by the conductive silver ink that is on the surface edges of the screen (you can't see it because its covered by a black adhesive foam tape). The silver ink fractures, essentially disconnecting the touchscreen's resistive grid from the flex tail that plugs into the main board. When this happens, the only way to resolve the problem is to replace the touchscreen. The fracture occurs because the ink is flexed over time from the keypresses and eventually it cracks.

Units with this problem have the serial numbers that start with "143", "12P" and "14V". After replacing hundreds of these screens, I went back to my repair log and noticed the problem only exists in units with those serial numbers. The problem touchscreen can be easily identified by a "white" tail cap at the end of the flex cable, while the original style has a marroon tail cap. The oriiginal style does not have this problem.

What most people notice is that the screen begins to operate incorrectly because the screen has drifted. Calibration may work for a while. The screen may shift back to its original value, requiring to be recalibrated again. Eventually, the connections completely break and the screen will be completely un-responsive. When this happens it must be replaced.

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660 Touchscreen

That's exactly what happened to my 660. I contacted Garmin and they said they were aware of the problem and offered to replace my unit for no charge. It's about 2 years old now.

Replacing touchscreen

Garmin refused to repair mine, insisting on 1 year warranty. So I've ordered the replacement digitizer off ebay, only $11! in fact, if I ordered earlier, I could've got it for $9. Replacing it is easy as pie, not like sharknet here is making out to be. I don't even have that steady of a hand, after I put it together again, the screen is slightly skewed but I don't care, it's a $11 job lol, and everything works just fine grin well worth it than paying $50+ for someone else to do it grin

Sharknet is right about thing - my old digitizer had the white tail, the replacement has the purple one, we'll see if sharknet is right about it having longer life wink grin