Best way to search for freeway offramp


I want to seach for Freeway off ramp. Something like I-805 & Palm Ave in San Diego, CA. How would I accomplish it?


Does your unit allow searching for intersections? If so, that should work. (It does on my 750 - I tried a local ramp intersection.)

Yes, try searching for the intersection it should show...

when you ask you need to let us know the model.

Agree with the intersection

It always works on my unit with the search for "intersection". I have tried it numerous times.

If you dont know where you're going, any road will get you there!!

Oops. Garmin Nuvi 765T. Yes,

Oops. Garmin Nuvi 765T. Yes, I have tried searching with Intersections. No luck.
Can someone please try it for me and give me step by step instructions?

Off ramp is "Palm Ave" on Interstate 805 in San Diego, California.
I've tried it Nuvi 350, 680, 260W and 765T on CNN2008 and 2009. So I'm sure I'm missing a step or doing wrong.

Ramp location N32.58929 W117.03651

Maybe Exit Numbers?

Does it go by exit 11A or 11B and I-805?

Garmin Nuvi 750

Yes, either one will do.

Yes, either one will do. There's 2 Palm Ave. I couldn't find any. What were the steps?

lucky guess?

I tried the exit # on another one that I was looking up and it worked. That's why I suggested it to you.

Garmin Nuvi 750

What if I don't have exit #,

What if I don't have exit #, just a name?


jasonkim wrote:

What if I don't have exit #, just a name?

If you can see it on the map, just browse the map and touch the exit ramp and choose "Go".

Nuvi 660 -- and not upgrading it or maps until Garmin fixes long-standing bugs/problems, and get maps to where they are much more current, AND corrected on a more timely basis when advised of mistakes.

Not that one

That particular intersection wasn't found on my 750 using Intersections.

Magellan Maestro 4040 finds the intersection

Found on my 4040.

Best Regards Gil

I live in So. Calif. and I

I live in So. Calif. and I can locate street intersections most of times but when Freeway is involved like off ramp, I get no luck.

Another one near my house.
See if it comes up using Intersections/

Freeway 57 and Grand Ave, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
N34.00703 W117.82624

These 2 roads have been there over 30 years.

No freeway entry

My Magellan 3225 allows only street names entry on Intersections, no freeway names entry.

Yes and No

Coords: Found (Duh)
Intersection: Not found

mine came back no

mine came back no mathces
garmin zumo 550

Thank you all. PS. Please

Thank you all.

PS. Please post if any of you figure out how do it.


trouble with intersections on 760

I'm having problems with Nuvi 760 locating exit ramps (off ramps) in the Dallas area.

This should be the process, but it ends up with "no matches found". Select Intersections, Select either city name Dallas or Search All. I put in the 1st street as I-635 (also tried the name of it Lyndon B Johnson). The exit numbers will show up on the map but when I choose it as the 2nd street, it returns "no matches found" even though I see it right on the screen.

I want to be able to quickly locate say I-635 W with Exit #23 or I-35E with exit 441.

I have found a couple NEAR where I'm looking but not for the direction I'm going. For example, I want to travel Southbound on the Dallas North Tollway and take the ramp to go Westbound on I-635 (Lyndon B Johnson Frwy).

I cannot find this ramp. I found the LBJ/635 W to DNT N (exit 22c) or to DNT S. But, not the one I'm looking for.

any tips on quickly using the highway exit numbers without having to plot coordinates on the map manually?


I think this has been covered in a thread before. As a general rule, the ramps are not indexed in the findable database. You would have better luck looking for the intersection of the two highways.

If you have Mapsource, you should plan your route there with waypoints, or use GoogleMap or Mapquest and plan the route you want with waypoints and send it to the unit.

What I do is just drive it the way I want to go and let it recalculate. The GPS route is a suggestion, and if you are familiar enough with the route to know where you really want to go, then just go that way and let it recalculate.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267

missing the point

phranc wrote:

I think this has been covered in a thread before. As a general rule, the ramps are not indexed in the findable database. You would have better luck looking for the intersection of the two highways.

Thanks. It seems as though very little is indexed when it comes to an interstate or hwy in Texas. Even while trying to use a cross street of an interstate, it rarely works. For instance, I-35E and Main St have crossed in Lewisville, TX since they built the interstate (long before I was born). Garmin only - does NOT recognize the two as crossing.

as far as the Mapsource suggestion, that's not a logical alternative. If I am ON THE ROAD and I need to meet someone at that intersection, I cannot drive home, log onto a computer, load mapsource, plan my route, then get back on the road and drive the route. Not logical.

My whole point to the post is Garmin's intersection feature DOES NOT WORK as it should.


Not missing the point.

What need to be understood is that 1) the nuvis do not contain the interstate off-ramp in the database and 2) since interstates do not intersect at a single point with the roads over (or under) which they pass, they will not show up when you search for intersections because they are not there.

The system is functioning as designed. Whether it should be changed, well that's another matter. But it does currently work as it is programmed.

Intersections are points.

Interstate Exits


While not the solution you're looking for, the Interstate Exits with Descriptions custom POIs might help. There's a POI for each state.

You could search the custom POI for "I-35" or "Exit 441" to get a list of exits that match your search.

There are still a couple of problems though:
1. Not all Interstates are in the POI.
2. The coordinates of the exits are not at the ramp, but typically at the intersection.

yes, at the very least the

yes, at the very least the access/service road DOES intersect and it's not in there either. That's the issue. Sorry I started a topic with people who just don't get it. Even if I use the service road name, it does not find the cross streets that have been there forever. It has some but not even the most common. I am very very familiar with how the highway does not intersect directly with the road. I work for a state agency who's primary function deals with several of the highways in North Texas.

Oh well, I'm wasting my time with some of you. Anyone who has a logical answer, please respond. Others who only want to argue the point - don't bother.

Found it - it is possible - thanks

Found the answer to interstate exit numbers at least. It doesn't seem to work with intersections, but it does work when just using "address" feature.

If you know the exit number, such as Exit 405 off of I-35E in Waxahachie, TX -

select address, enter the city (or search all), leave the HOUSE NUMBER blank, and just input the exit number only as the STREET name. Since there could be an exit both directions, you may get two selections, one for each direction of travel (NB or SB, EB or WB).


Wasn't trying to argue. I was just trying to explain how the Garmin system currently works. Oh well.

A little common sense goes a long way on this question

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

Wasn't trying to argue. I was just trying to explain how the Garmin system currently works. Oh well.

MM you are right, and your explanation doesn't get any better than what you gave.

The GPS is a travel aid and nothing more, it is not to replace a map if what you need can't be found. Sometimes you just have to pass on technology and unfold the paper.
Some people just don't understand that interstates don't have intersections, either overpasses or underpasses and on and off ramps. The person asking the question is making his life much harder than it needs to be. Either ask your appointment where the meeting point is, or buy a map!

Remember your GPS is a aid in guiding you but not always definitive, where a map a phone call and common sense is.

Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.

now I know

I always wondered who that was parked ON the interstate AT the exit ramp.

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